Saturday, August 14, 2010

are we crazy?

Wow, it's been almost 6 weeks since I last posted and i'm sorry=(
haha, well what have i been up to aye?
Came back to labuan on the 17th of July and been having classes since then. Nothing much changed, it's good to be back tho, to where I can actually better myself mentally and physically. Yu Jin's my roomie so that's pretty good, same course and pretty same interest. Been training hard tho, gym and running. Running by the sea side is seriously liberating, if you haven't tried then you haven't actually ran! Seriously man. Speaking of running, in the last 2 semesters, i always ran for the sake of cardio and to shed pounds and never really enjoyed the run. Used to plug in my mp3 and enjoyed the music, rather than the run itself. That changed tho during the semester break. Nowadays I look forward to running to try out new techniques, new routines, new breathing techniques and of course to get faster, whether running or sprinting. Training has been quite fun also, not much on the " go heavy or go home" no more. I train with Yu Jin mostly on supersets that work more than just isolated muscles and tons of core, i do feel the difference tho. That's pretty fun. Classes!!! Hahaha, subjects are really interesting this semester and I actually haven't dreaded entering any classes (except APK=) )
I do have alot on my plate tho from classes to assignments to programs to running to training to rugby and to( a little) social life. I do feel a little pressured but hey as what Jack Welch says, if you don't have enough time in a day then you must be managing it extremely wrong!
That's all for now.

Lots of love,

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Greatness is a quality everyone wants to achieve and I yearn to be one. Being adequate and good is one thing but much more effort is required to achieve greatness. The reason behind this post is that I just watched Rafael Nadal clinched the Wimbledon after an outclass over Berdych. Nadal is really at the top of his game, wasn't a big fan of him before this but 2010 is definitely Nadal year. His fitness is at peaked and his skills? There's no words to describe his powerful and strong gameplay. I liked how one commentator said in the last Roland Garros that if a uprising tennis player needs motivation and drive, they don't need to go to his games, it's too expensive, his training is enough. Nadal is the most hardworking player and it's shown in the circuit, clinching the Australian Open, Roland Garros and today the Wimbledon. Rafael Nadal is definitely a symbol of greatness that I look up to.
Another form of greatness I have always looked up to is Haile Gebrselassie. Who is he? haha.. only the greatest distance runner in the world. Well, he's no more the top runner now but a couple of years ago he was the best, smashing 27 friggin world records. He's always been an inspiration to me coming from humble Ethiopia where he started running barefoot as he couldn't afford a pair of trainers to being the greatest. I ran the 21k in a crappy 2h20m. What Mr.Haile did? a mere 58m55s! That's a crazy time man, the dude basically sprinted the 21k I think. He definitely is a real form of breatness in the field of running, no question about that.That's all myfor today, it's 12.30 and I need to sleep=)

Lots of love,

Saturday, July 3, 2010

BALI, i love you

awhhh man, this blog post only means that i've returned from bali. The little idyllic island that I fell in love with. Ok, well the trip went great!! awesome trip and had tons of fun. What i'm gonna blog about today is my new love: SURFING!! To my friends I went to bali with, I know suck to the maximum but I'll get better, definitely. On the second day on the island, we went for surfing lessons, the for of us and cost us only about RM35, which was a bargain. Helmi was our instructor, really nice dude. He gave us lessons on the beach side first before heading into the sea. There's 3 basic steps to surfing actually. Firstly, is the pedal then pacing of the hands at the side and thirdly the standing. I failed to max on the standing part, just couldn't keep stable while standing. After numerous tries, I decided to chill for a while, it gets pretty tiring man. WE headed for a while after that and called it a day. Bali, more specifically Kuta is such a beautiful place. Firstly, anyone will notice the really relaxed lifestyle of the people mainly cos they're all tourist. Secondly, there's no judging of people and people are free to dress, act and talk the way they want. The negative side of it is that Kuta is really fake, that's cos everybody live like there's no worries, surfing, sun bathing, drinking and stuff. And the locals are all happy-go-lucky which is definitely not the case as the locals are mostly poor or hardly there working their butt off for money. But, i love Bali. The people, the food and the lifestyle is=)))

Lots of love,

Sunday, June 27, 2010


completed my Standard Chartered KL Half Marathon today at last!!!
Feels great achieving a feat I never knew I'd actually am able to.
So here's the breakdown.
We didn't sleep the whole night, watched A team with Lisan, Derryck and Loong till 1am then went to Kayu Nasi Kandar, lepak there and had some food while watching football and playing monopoly till almost 4. Then straight went to dataran merdeka, changed and hanged around there watching the flag off of the full marathon at 5.30. Did some warm up, stretch and light run till the 6plus and got ready for the run. Oh btw, it was raining in the morning so it was freaking cold! We flagged off at 6.15 sharp and I was on my way. Didn't run too fast and kinda paced moderately while enjoying the run,people and place. Had water and 100pus to stay hydrated and a powerbar at the 8km mark. By the time it was 16km, I was getting a little tired and my quads were getting really really stiff. I didn't wanna kill my pace so I just kept going and upped my pace as soon its gonna end. The 18th km was really a killer for me as my quads really tightened up and the slope at bkt bintang made it worse!
But after that, it was either flat or downhill till the end. The last 1km tasted like sugar,literally!
And by the time I crossed the finish line, I really felt rejuvenated and so happy even though my legs cannot be bent at all!
Took my finisher's medal after that and headed to the car, changed and went for breakfast
It really was a proud day for me.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Why the brr?
lol, that's my tiredness! Haha, I ended my work on the 19th of June so now my focus is all on the coming KL marathon this weekend babyyyy..
extrmely psycehd tho.. firstly cos it's my first and secondly the coverage about it on the papers, online and radio makes it even more exciting!
Been training quite abit to prep myself. Ran motly in serindit to get used to it. Been running with Chern Yi and I really gotta give her creds, lasted quite a while wei.. really impressive.
Gym-ing is also not forgotten, addiction I admit.
This next 1 week will be pretty fun. Party, run and Bali..that should be heaps of fun!
Ok, I just realised something after reading Derryck's blog, mine is super dull, the layout i'm talking about. His is pretty cool and very pleasant to the eyes and mine is well blrghhh... I don't really care actually bout the layout as this blog is more personal than public and I guess simplicity screams the content.
That's all for today.

Lots of love,

Friday, June 18, 2010


As most of my close friends know, I'm a huge fans of shoes precisely sneakers but that love is slowly deteriorating tho. I blame it on maturity! haha
Well, I ain't gonna talk about sneakers but running shoes! I don't love running shoes but I really really love my running shoes, not cos it's some dope pair but the fact that it's been through alot with me. I personally have an emotional relationship with my trainers( aka running shoes). I was once fat and that was my only training item I used from the time I was fat till now all the friggin time. It shared all my sweat, aches, and emotional turmoil. Most runners have a special love for their trainers I realised and now I know why. Actually I was gonna get to my point which is well, my running shoes is ripping apart and the sole is wearing off=(( It's pretty sad that I will have to change it soon=((
There's two sides to it tho. Even though I really love that shoe but there's many new running shoes in the market currently and they're really awesome when it comes to technology but still=((
Have to start researching running shoes soon

Lots of love,

If my trainers go missing, I WILL cry,seriously.

Funny how things work out

Let me explain the title. When I started this blog I was so sure that I will constantly blog as I have tons to write, whether it is for me or the readers but after a couple of entries it started getting slower and eventually stopped. I can explain tho, WORK!!haha
Well, I work from 6 am till 6pm and since the place is pretty far from my house, I have to get up pretty early and carbo-load!lol. 4 am precisely, and by the time i get back from work it's about 7 pm so yeah it's pretty tiring. I did squeeze in runs and gym tho but I know it wasn't enough. On the bright side, tomorrow will be my last day working as the SUKMA ends tomorrow. Got back from work early today, 3 pm and had some food then went for a run and then gym. Pretty happy that I did that today and I have to make up in the next couple of days. Run's next weekend, pretty psyched tho! First half-marathon baby!
That's all for today

Lots of love,